Our Debut Album!

Health Care

by: Health Care

The brand new, self-titled Debut Album from Health Care is here! Filled with twists, turns, excitement, ear destroying breakdowns, and random organ solos, the collection of fine writing Health Care has created in their first official release is nothing short of radical. 

Now available on all major streaming platforms, the exhilaratingly ambitious collective is destined to both melt your face off while simultaneously causing you to shed tears of joy in realization of the beauty of life. 

These 9 tracks offer an almost relentless onslaught of pure power-metal energy. Each song features chugging guitars, thumping bass, busy drums, soaring vocals, and the occasional organ solo. For anyone nostalgic for a time when popular rock and metal was fun, accessible, and riffy, Health Care has what you yearn for. ” - Ted Richards

Provo Music Magazine