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Health Care posing awesomely before competing in a Battle of The Bands Competition

Although Health Care may seem like they've always been pretty much the coolest band ever, everyone has their humble beginnings.

It all started when Kaden Cook (Drums) and Judd Whiffen (Guitars) created an everlasting friendship after discovering each others love for music and began jamming in Kaden's basement. After learning just about every AC/DC song they could and driving their parents nuts, they decided to recruit musical genuis, Jared Walters (Keys & Bass) and vibrant frontwoman, Alley Greer (Vocals). After the golden rock squad was created, they changed their name an embarrassing amount of times before finally agreeing upon on Health Care.

After months of hard work, dedication, and having an absolute blast, the group has carefully crafted their brand new Debut Album. Aside from the overall musical ingenuity, energetic attitude, and endearing excitement you can hear on the album, it possesses the heartwarming attitude of a bunch of best friends having the time of their lives.

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No band likes to be complimented contingently. For example “you’re really good…for a local band,” or “you guys are great…for your age.” The latter compliment stings more than most. No one wants to be good only compared to a relatively untalented group of high school classmates. An unadorned compliment is what any serious musician wishes to hear. The young rockers of whom this review is the subject have earned it: Health Care is a good band. ” - Ted Richards

Provo Music Magazine

Health Care’s music feels in a lot of ways like a love letter to everything that rock music represents, that free-spirited energy, the rebellious attitude, and overall the cheerfulness and enjoyment for what they do, all these elements play a significant role in this outfit’s style. Considering the level they play at this early stage, it’s truly exciting to imagine how their music will evolve in the future.” - Javier Rodriguez

Right Chord Music

Health Care consists of a collection of enthusiastic, free-spirited individuals, all of whom are still in their third year of high school. Despite their youth, the band’s passion and love for music stems from a wide variety of inspirations, ranging from Paramore, Pat Benatar, Journey, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and Blondie.” - 6Park NewsDesk

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