Health Care’s music feels in a lot of ways like a love letter to everything that rock music represents, that free-spirited energy, the rebellious attitude, and overall the cheerfulness and enjoyment for what they do, all these elements play a significant role in this outfit’s style. Considering the level they play at this early stage, it’s truly exciting to imagine how their music will evolve in the future.” - Javier Rodriguez

Right Chord Music

Health Care

With deep 90's alternative influence, Health Care treats its listeners with screaming guitar riffs, sophisticated drum patterns, thumping bass lines, and soulful lyrics, blended with the flare and inspiration you can only achieve with random organ solos. There's nothing formulaic about their deeply creative expression that draws you into the insightful mixture of energy and emotion. Buckle up - you've just discovered your next favorite band!

After releasing their brand new debut album, the band finds themselves gaining new momentum and creating more meaningful connections with their incredible fans. Both can hardly wait to discover what their next creatively ambitious move will be!

Press Photos

Left to right: Kaden Cook, Alley Greer, Jared Walters, Judd Whiffen

Left to right: Jared Walters, Alley Greer, Kaden Cook, Judd Whiffen

Left to right: Jared Walters, Judd Whiffen, Alley Greer, Kaden Cook

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