Meet the Band!

Alley Greer

Professional Band-Sitter

Alley Greer began her musical obsession at age 7 when she was gifted her first CD, "Keys To Ascension" by Yes. Ever since then she's loved music, but didn't quite know how to express it until she found Health Care. Even though she's considered the least mentally stable individual in the band, she knows just how to blow everybody away with her gnarly vocal chords. "In ten years I hope to be teaching my 13 kids how to ROCK!" she also adds-"I'm just really lucky to be in a band with Ed Sheeran."

Judd Whiffen

(The other ginger)

Judd Whiffen first picked up a guitar when he was 14 years old and incredibly bored. Lucky for him, it's served to cure his boredom fairly well. His main goal in his musical journey is to help people through the power of music. Judd really likes longboarding, fresh homemade bread, and doing stupid stuff with his homies. In 10 years Judd sees himself- "Hopefully broke. That would mean I'm probably both married and have a lot of guitars."

Kaden Cook

Responsible for causing severe hearing loss

Kaden Cook first started playing music when he was 8 years old on piano before joining percussion with Jared in 7th grade, therefore becoming a cool kid. The first song Kaden ever learned on the drum set was "Good Times Bad Times" by Led Zeppelin. Ever since then he has turned into a ravenous drum machine and no one quite knows how to control him... we need help. Anyway, Kaden is hot, single and busy being an animal on the drum kit. "In ten years I see myself with tears in the mirror."

Jared Walters


Jared Walters began his musical journey at 4 when his family realized he had perfect pitch and put him into piano lessons. He soon after took an interest in drums and played around with the instrument until starting officially in 7th grade percussion class. He has since received many awards for both piano and drum performances, and has now began playing bass guitar out of curiosity and necessity for the band. In 10 years Jared sees himself- "Probably wishing I was 10 years younger."